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Consultancy Services

We have an unmatched experience set that can guide you through thick and thin.

All you need to do is trust us!

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  • What platforms to use?

  • How frequently to post?

  • What kind of content to post?

  • How to appeal to your target audience?

  • How to create more engagement on stories?

  • How to generate more quality leads?

Let's get on a call and discuss.

Social Media Strategy | Purple Pixels

Social Media

  • What platforms to use: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google

  • What to post and why?

  • What age group and location to target?

  • How to analyze traffic and pivot strategy?

  • How to rank on top of Google search?

Let's get on a call and discuss.

Digital Marketing Strategy | Purple Pixels

Digital Marketing

  • Brand Identity- Colours, Fonts, Logo

  • Platforms to use: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google

  • Getting your domain

  • Generate leads online

  • Showcase your products

  • Accept payments directly

Let's get on a call and discuss.

Personal Branding Strategy | Purple Pixels

Personal Branding

  • Understanding market size

  • Creating a suitable sales funnel

  • Understanding Market trends

  • Targeting the funnel through all marketing channels

  • Strategising Campaigns and Execution

  • Competitor marketing strategy 

Let's get on a call and discuss.

Market Analysis | Purple Pixels

Market Analysis

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