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Past Projects

Here's a collection of a few of our previous works. Feel free to check them out.

An Ed-Tech Social Enterprise

KCHEF Logo | Purple Pixels

The KCHEF Foundation

Global Youth Leadership Development Organization

AIESEC Logo | Purple Pixels


International Technical Student Chapter

SBE Logo | Purple Pixels

Society for Biological Engineering

A Career Consulting organization

DRC Logo | Purple Pixels

Dream Coach

An Online Gaming Community

Deathlords Logo | Purple Pixels

DeathLords e-Sports Community

Technical and Non-Technical Clubs and Chapters

College Logo | Purple Pixels

College Student Societies

Personalized market trend research and handcrafted strategy

Social Media | Purple Pixels

Social Media Projects

Different Freelance, Volunteering and other Projects

Video Editing | Purple Pixels

Video Editing

No code websites: Faster and More Appealing

Website Design | Purple Pixels

Website Designing

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